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Sizing Charts

Sizing can be quite difficult at times. At Xr our suits are a comfortable fit and sizes are consistent between different style Go Kart suits.Take your time to measure yourself and compare to the table below.


Shoes sizes at Xr are based on Mens US sizes. Below is a table that lists a few national sizes for your comparison. Our leather boots will take time to wear in, especially across the ankle if you have a broad foot or wider ankle.


For Gloves sizing, a very good comparison would be your shoe size and depending if you like a tight or loose fit. If you are a Medium size suit with size 8 or 9 boots, then the size 8 or 9 glove will right for you; If you have a narrow hand then size 7-8, if you are a heavier build - size 9-10 glove would be great.


As for rain boots - 1 to 2 sizes greater than your regular size boot would be a great fit. If you have any questions please email